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Moderates: Jump! Jump NOW!
November 12, 2009, 7:14 pm
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When a local, state or national election would roll around I was one of those people who would read the newspaper, listen to what candidates had to say and carefully consider each person’s merits. I’d cast my vote mainly for Republicans, but now and then a Democrat or two as well. If  I couldn’t tell much difference between the two and one of the two was a black candidate, I’d press the button for the minority candidate. I felt it was important that our political system be as racially mixed as our population and it was high time qualified black candidates had just as much chance at election as a white candidate.

When it comes to politics I’ve tended to be naïvely trusting. I can recall being rather startled to learn how many people go into a booth to exercise their precious right to vote and simply pull a lever for one party or another. I had voted for Democrats for President; I had voted for Republicans. I suppose I was part of that coveted demographic called “the Independents”.

Well hell’s bells, never again! Like many Americans the election of President Barack Obama has pushed me over the fence; no, not just pushed me over–shoved me over. Don’t get me wrong I did not vote for him. But I did make a big mistake by taking for granted that whoever was elected President of the United States, no matter the policy differences elucidated on the campaign trail, loved the United States of America as much as I did: that he or she would always put America’s interests first: that once Barack Obama took on the heavy mantle and responsibility of the presidency he would realize the wisdom of moving to the center in order to be a President for all the people (or at least to get re-elected!)

Boy was I wrong; I’m not Catholic but it’s enough to make me want to take comfort in a Catholic confessional. I’m tempted to sneak into a Catholic church, discreetly slide into a confessional booth (do they still have those?) and do that neat cross yourself thing and then say to a shadowed Priest, “Father forgive me for I have sinned”. “And what is that sin my child?” “Father, forgive for believing President Barack Obama would do right by America.” “My child, have you learned nothing about liberals?” “I have now, Father.” You are forgiven my child; say eight hundred gazillion million ‘Hail Mary’s’ and go in peace.” Boy, I need that!

Like many Americans, I confess (without a Priest) that I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in that whole concept of “Let’s just vote for change; sure, that sounds good, why not? A nice little dose of change is just what this country needs!” And then we got Jimmy Carter and then we got Bill Clinton and now, now we’ve got Barack Obama. (“Father, forgive me for…” Oh never mind! But I still have this desperate need for absolution for the sins of the past, for being so naïve!)

Now I have to watch and listen daily as the President of the United States of America (THE greatest nation on the planet, thank you very much) sells us down the river and runs around the world mealy- mouthing the country (have we apologized enough for EVERYTHING yet?) that elevated him to the most powerful position in the world, or at least it was when Obama was elected. I’ve been disappointed in past presidents, I’ve even despised past presidents, but I’ve never been afraid of a president: afraid that he would so dramatically change our nation (for the worse) that my grandchildren would not know the freedoms and opportunities Americans do today. The almost daily assaults on our nation’s values, freedoms, free enterprise system and Constitution by Barack Obama and his ilk, have left average Americans reeling in disbelief.

I was chatting with a darling 78-year-old woman the other day. She and her husband have run a successful small business for many years and are still vibrant and active. They are also now scared out of their wits. Like other decent, hard-working Americans they can’t believe how quickly this Administration is working to dismantle what so many Americans hold dear, how badly the economy continues to tank, how their health care may be affected and the mind-boggling amount of taxpayer money being spent (thrown away) by the billions and trillions. This couple was not anti-Obama when he was elected; they are about the sweetest, kindest people you’d ever want to meet. But these mild-mannered seniors are stock-piling food, have bought a safe, stocked it with several thousand dollars, hidden it away, and, and, bought a gun, illegally! That’s how scared they and many other Americans are.

I watched President Obama’s Inauguration with pride, pride in the fact that we had elected our first black, “post-racial”, whatever, President (although I think if Colin Powell had had the fire in the belly to run some 20 years ago, he would have been our first black President). Barack Obama’s color was never really a big deal to most Americans. As I recall the most disparaging remarks came from the likes of Bill Clinton and other liberals. But even those of us who did not vote for him still took pride in Barack Hussein Obama’s election (only in America could a guy with a name like that be elected just seven years after 9/11!) and in the elegant, natural and peaceful transfer of power from one candidate to another, from one party to another that is a hallmark of this incredible nation.

On Inauguration Day we saw the crowds, heard the cheers and speeches, we saw the intoxicated joy of his supporters, and we heard him praise our military and then we who did not vote for him, and those moderates who did, thought, “Everything will be okay; he understands what is at stake and believes in our great Constitution as we do.”

We were wrong and he doesn’t.

If we want to save the values and traditions of this nation now is the time for independents and moderates to get off the fence once and for all. And don’t just slide off or climb carefully down. Jump! Jump now! Take the leap! Get involved in conservative issues. Don’t live in fear of saying what you believe and don’t ever, ever, vote for “change” for change’s sake again.


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