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Odd Couple (Palin/Obama) Expose Liberal Media
November 13, 2009, 6:51 pm
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Who’d have thought it? Sarah Palin and Barack Obama together have done more to expose the left leaning media than decades of previous coverage by ditto writers and broadcasters. I use the term left leaning, but I know that’s not fair; actually, they’ve bent themselves backwards into contortions to destroy and demonize Palin and glorify and indulge Obama. And the American people, all too trusting, are waking up, noticing and getting angrier by the minute.

If we the people, the average Americans who for so many years trusted the big three networks, CNN and their demon news offspring (who, for  as long as TV news has been around, have taken their marching orders from the badly discredited New York Times) hadn’t noticed the bias, had thought journalists were objective, had thought they were the watchdogs of big  government and hot-shot politicians…well, we were wearing rose-colored glasses. We’ve taken off the shades and have seen the light and it’s a glaring, blinding light that leaves spots before our eyes.

It’s not that a lot of us didn’t know it and didn’t notice the liberal, Democratic bias of the national media. We’d get frustrated and then let it slide and go back to our trusting ways. Until we couldn’t ignore it any longer. Until it was sickening. Until it really slapped us in the face when we saw the blatant, over the top vicious cruelty intently and intentionally focused on Sarah Palin and worse, so much worse, against her children. I don’t think that prized voting block known as moderates and independents got just how awful, how prejudiced the mainstream media are when it comes to covering people who don’t fit in with “their” crowd: the liberal elites– until it came to Sarah Palin. Where was the equally tough coverage of Barack Obama? His background, his relatives, his associates and his children (who are off-limits to the obliging media).

Americans have been be too complacent when it comes to media coverage: letting it wash over them, catching bits and pieces here and there as they go about trying to make a living, getting kids to school, unloading the groceries, chatting on the phone, checking their e-mail, talking over the day with their spouses as the TV news anchors chat away in the background. But you’d have to be living in la-la land or under a rock not to notice the extreme variance in coverage of Sarah Palin compared to Barack Obama, who has been practically worshipped by a pathetically fawning media. A few of the mainstreamers are starting to wake up but they’ve been embarrassed into doing so by critics on FOX and talk radio. And let’s face it, if FOX and Rush and Beck and Hannity are as popular as they are the reason is that the mainstream media haven’t done their jobs. So thanks ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. You did it! You brought conservative programming to the airwaves: long may it play!

And since I mentioned Rush, who can forget the firestorm of controversy when he was doing a stint at ESPN and dared say Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, who is black, was “overrated” and that, “The media have been very desirous that a black quarterback can do well—black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well.”

We all know the hysterical overreaction that followed that comment. No wonder everyone tiptoes around all “ PC”; we’ll never have an honest dialogue on race because anyone who dares to say anything the mainstream media deem unacceptable is usually drummed out of a job.

Allen Barra writing for politically liberal Slate came to Rush’s defense:

“But the truth is that I and a great many other sportswriters have chosen for the past few years to see McNabb as a better player than he has been because we want him to be. Rush Limbaugh didn’t say Donovan McNabb was a bad quarterback because he is black. He said that the media have overrated McNabb because he is black, and Limbaugh is right. He didn’t say anything that he shouldn’t have said, and in fact he said things that other commentators should have been saying for some time now. I should have said them myself.”

So, isn’t it just as obvious as the nose on your face that the mainstream media are not covering Obama as toughly as they should have or could have because a.) he’s not conservative and therefore b.) they want the first black President to succeed? Would they want a black, conservative president to succeed? Of course not. Where is the praise from the liberal media for the brilliant, black conservatives like Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell and many others? I think some of the most courageous people in the political arena are black conservatives. But they are either ignored or vitiated by intolerant liberals. It takes a lot of guts and character to be a proud, black, conservative.

Even if Barack Obama wasn’t your or my candidate because of his policies and liberalism we were proud of the process that elected him the first black President. It also drew attention to the fact that America is not the racist country that much of the rest of the world seems to think it is. But then, alas, he started to govern– or try to. Within mere weeks of the collective national swoon over his election Americans were waking up hearing Da-da-da-da…da-da-da-da: the theme to the old Twilight Zone TV series. What the heck is he doing today? How much did you say he’s spending? What’s happening to our health care system? Why is he making speeches denigrating our country? Why is he jetting off to Copenhagen with Oprah and playing round after round of golf but he can’t find the time figure out what to do about our troops needing support in Afghanistan? Excuse my language but Jesus H! This is just getting to be too much and Americans, conservatives, joined by heretofore wishy-washy moderates and independents are finally seeing the blinding light and it’s not Obama coming down from Mt. Sinai. It’s the glare of the danger he poses to our freedoms and not even the mainstream media can cover for him anymore.

Who needs them anyway? 


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