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Low Bow, Low Morale
November 17, 2009, 6:48 pm
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The President is off on another trip, this time to Asia to bow to the Emperor of Japan. He has also bowed to the Chinese Premier and the Saudi King! The deference to foreign royalty is certainly puzzling coming from Barack Obama, or maybe not. It’s another show of weakness that even seems confusing to those to whom he’s bowing. The President of the United States should bow to no one, and I hate to bring up race here, but why in the world would the first “black” President show such subservience to those in power? I just don’t get it.

The President obviously doesn’t have back problems to go that low. So while he’s jet setting around the world bowing to leaders, and in the case of Saudia Arabia and China, suppressors of the common man, the only place the President doesn’t have time to go is Afghanistan.

New Army surveys indicate the morale of our soldiers fighting the Taliban has fallen sharply.  President Obama, it’s time to live up to your primary responsibility: Commander-in-Chief. Maybe if Oprah got more involved so would our President.


I thought the President might really stick it to his critics and I’d eat crow: figured he’d make a surprise visit to the troops over Christmas. We’ll he didn’t. I don’t have to eat crow but that’s not much consolation. What we did get was a Christmas Day terrorist visit to the skies of the U.S.

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