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Who’s Really Helping Haiti?
January 18, 2010, 10:02 pm
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Thousands of American troops are saving lives and keeping order in earthquake ravaged Haiti. President Obama announced 100 million American tax dollars will go to help the people in Haiti and that doesn’t include millions more Americans will donate with heartfelt generosity. Many countries are responding generously; tiny Israel immediately dispatched planeloads of aid, hundreds of search and rescue personnel and dozens of doctors. Israeli physicians are currently operating what is now the most modern medical field hospital in Haiti capable of treating 500 people a day; it even has an MRI machine. And Israeli volunteers have poured in from nearby countries.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describes the response as that of a “small country with a big heart.”

And what’s the response from the most oil rich Arab countries? Kuwait, swimming in oil money sent a measly million. Qatar with some of the largest gas reserves in the world scraped together a 50 ton aid package.  Most responses from the Arab have been similarly meager and pathetic. But wait! Blow your mind rich Saudi Arabia was different: it sent (this will also blow your mind)  a letter of condolences.

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First let me say it,s too bad about what happened in Haiti. However what about the number of six million homeless Americans. Not one single country could care less about our country or the American nation as a whole.Did we see Kuwait, Qatar send anything to those who are still suffering from Hurricane Katrina.Foreign Aide needs to stop, for that matter foreign anything needs to stop. Can we bring back the saying Charity begins at Home! 100 million tax dollars, gee how many hungry americans could be fed on that whooping amount. So once again our own Goverment still does not respond to our pain and suffering.Gee thanks Mr. Obama NOT !!!!!

Comment by Cynthia S Wilson

Thanks for reading and your passionate response!

Comment by sasstoday

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