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Digging Out of Global Warming Debate
February 10, 2010, 8:20 pm
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Update! Washington, DC has had 55 inches of snow so far this winter, the most since the winter of 1888-89!


Can you hear them? It’s the caterwauling of the environmental leftists now that word is out their president isn’t going to sign global climate change legislation in Copenhagen (please note the politically correct terminology.) It’s not global warming anymore since there hasn’t been any manmade global warming in ten years (if ever), the polar bear population is way up, no land masses are being flooded by melting glaciers and it was warmer in medieval times than it is now. Where were all those nasty factories back then? Any global warming (oops!) “climate change” treaty would create untold burdens on American businesses, which are infinitely less polluting than those of most other counties, and as President Obama himself asserted would result in skyrocketing energy bills for Americans.

I live in the South. We’ve known about global warming forever; we just call it summer.

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Susan, Did not see any mention of the fact the “Edward Kennedy medical act” passed for all people working on the hill and the pres/vice pres. WILL BE EXEMPT from the “national health care” so they will get 100% coverage. I guess this new health care program is not that great if they don’t want to be on it!!!!!

Comment by FRAN CADIEU

Right you are. Congress rejected amendments that they be under the same plan they pass for the American people.
Thank you for taking the time to read, keep up with all this and care.

Comment by sasstoday

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