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Bye-Bye Ballot Privacy?
February 13, 2010, 7:25 pm
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Aside from believing that labor unions have outlived their purpose in most companies and driven others into bankruptcy, living in a right-to-work state I never paid much attention to labor unions. But I am stunned that there is a bill in Congress, supported by the Democratic majority, to require card checks when workers vote on whether to unionize. What happened to the sacred private ballot? The evasively named “Free Choice Act” would be better characterized as the “No Choice Act”.

Heritage. org sums up just part of the extremely complicated, bureaucratic nightmare (yet another one) bill:

  • Under EFCA, workers have no say in union-organizing tactics: EFCA does not permit workers to sign cards that call for an election without also counting those signatures toward a card-check majority. Workers must decide whether to join a union publicly in front of union organizers.
  • In America, it’s just hard to get your head around the fact that any citizen would not have the right to a secret, private ballot. And the people who control whether you work or not know are watching and know how you voted. Am I having an outer body experience? Is this Cuba?

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    Interesting to work for a Union, but not an experience I care to do again. Why after all Good old Boeing company for example, has one of the best Union,s a company can buy. We would vote to strike, and I do mean all the Aerospace workers voted. With a majority vote, by right,s we should of went. But you don,t strike at Boeing unless it,s convenient for them.Seattle keeps dwindling away, Boeing moved their corporate offices to Chicago. The real kicker here is Boeing is about to invade the Good Ole’ South. Hope Charleston South Carolina will be happy to welcome Boeing.They love the Free Right to Work State,s. “Free Act Choice ” President Obama want,s to UNIONIZED all of America if you ask me. Perish the thought!

    Comment by Cynthia S Wilson

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