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Clinton and Canadian Benefit from US Health System

As the nation wishes President Clinton a speedy recovery following his February 11th heart procedure, one can’t help but be glad he doesn’t live in Canada. The former President started having problems earlier in the week. He called his doctor. His doctor said come on in. Clinton checked into the hospital Thursday, had a procedure (which is probably still considered miraculous in much of the world but commonplace in the U.S.) to place two stents in one of his coronary arteries. He went home the very next day.

Let’s contrast this with the medical situation of Danny Williams. Williams is the premier of Canada’s east coast province of Labrador and Newfoundland. Canada as we all know has a universal health care system. Williams just underwent heart surgery in the United States because the treatment he needed is not available in his home province, or possibly in all of Canada? (I mean, he talked this over with his doctors who evidently didn’t dissuade him from leaving Canada because he’s here, not there, having it done).

Meanwhile, back in Newfoundland the opposition Liberal Leader offered Williams her wishes for his full recovery. But she also says he owes the public (doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd when it comes to a person’s private medical decisions?) more of an explanation about exactly what procedure he needed and why he felt it necessary to go to the U.S.

Let’s see? Could it be the reason most people from other countries come to the U.S. for serious surgery? Maybe because it’s the best in the WORLD? Maybe because you don’t have to wait weeks or months and risk dying in the process.

A warm “Get well soon!” to both men recovering in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Oh! I just had a thought. Before subjecting Americans to Canadian style medical treatments (or lack thereof) let’s let House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, study the Canadian system the Democrats fawn over. She can even use her taxpayer-funded jet to fly to Canada for any and all medical procedures she needs. This would be an excellent way for her to experience, first hand, the benefits of the marvelous Canadian system. Canada is, after all, a lot closer to D.C. than her home state of California. Just think of the money it would save taxpayers. Pelosi would miss a lot of closed-door health care negotiations back in Washington while she sits in Canadian waiting rooms like the rest of the folks up there, but hey, that’s what Blackberries are for.

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