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If At First You Don’t Succeed…
February 24, 2010, 8:36 pm
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Try a panel. Or a group. Or a workshop. Or a commission. Or a forum. Or a summit. Or another summit. Or another panel, another group,  another forum, another workshop, another commission.

Tomorrow we get “Yea!” Another summit. (Right after the U. S. Senate passed another  “Jobs Bill”  ie: another stimulus that stimulates nothing). But back to another summit: the much ballyhooed six-hour health care summit hosted by President Barack Obama in which he decides to have a huge, media blather, blather, blather photo-op  fourteen months after his election which is apparently his idea of “transparency”. And we, we silly Americans thought the President’s campaign promise of a new era of hope and change and transparency really meant Congress would have to open some of those still closed-door negotiations on something as critical as your and my health and life and independence and happiness. Did that happen? We all know the answer.  But now, at last we get the oft promised transparency–when the bill is seriously ill and therefore may be subjected to death. (Anyone have an aspirin out there?!) We finally get transparency and boy is it easy see through, or what?

President Obama meets with Republicans on February 25th to try to put his legislation on life support (but it’s ailing badly which begs the question: Should it really be allowed to live?) And actually it’s reported the President will only have eleven pages of legislative negotiating points (compared to the 4500 pages of the actual bills). Those eleven pages are evidently all the White House has ever come up with or is willing to talk about. The President himself never proposed a health care bill at all; he left it completely up to the wildly partisan Pelosi/Reid conjoined Democrats who originally wanted to unravel the health industry in a mere six weeks. But the people said, “No, no, no! (like you say to a two-year-old except you have to raise your voice a bit or write a lot of letters). Ah, the people: those stubborn Americans who get in Congress’s way and gunk up the smoothly oiled political machine. The people (those silly, silly Americans who rather like their doctors and the overall excellent quality of U.S. health care) have already spoken: chuck it and start over. Does that “sum-mit” up?

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