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If At First You Don’t Succeed…
February 24, 2010, 8:36 pm
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Try a panel. Or a group. Or a workshop. Or a commission. Or a forum. Or a summit. Or another summit. Or another panel, another group,  another forum, another workshop, another commission.

Tomorrow we get “Yea!” Another summit. (Right after the U. S. Senate passed another  “Jobs Bill”  ie: another stimulus that stimulates nothing). But back to another summit: the much ballyhooed six-hour health care summit hosted by President Barack Obama in which he decides to have a huge, media blather, blather, blather photo-op  fourteen months after his election which is apparently his idea of “transparency”. And we, we silly Americans thought the President’s campaign promise of a new era of hope and change and transparency really meant Congress would have to open some of those still closed-door negotiations on something as critical as your and my health and life and independence and happiness. Did that happen? We all know the answer.  But now, at last we get the oft promised transparency–when the bill is seriously ill and therefore may be subjected to death. (Anyone have an aspirin out there?!) We finally get transparency and boy is it easy see through, or what?

President Obama meets with Republicans on February 25th to try to put his legislation on life support (but it’s ailing badly which begs the question: Should it really be allowed to live?) And actually it’s reported the President will only have eleven pages of legislative negotiating points (compared to the 4500 pages of the actual bills). Those eleven pages are evidently all the White House has ever come up with or is willing to talk about. The President himself never proposed a health care bill at all; he left it completely up to the wildly partisan Pelosi/Reid conjoined Democrats who originally wanted to unravel the health industry in a mere six weeks. But the people said, “No, no, no! (like you say to a two-year-old except you have to raise your voice a bit or write a lot of letters). Ah, the people: those stubborn Americans who get in Congress’s way and gunk up the smoothly oiled political machine. The people (those silly, silly Americans who rather like their doctors and the overall excellent quality of U.S. health care) have already spoken: chuck it and start over. Does that “sum-mit” up?

Clinton and Canadian Benefit from US Health System

As the nation wishes President Clinton a speedy recovery following his February 11th heart procedure, one can’t help but be glad he doesn’t live in Canada. The former President started having problems earlier in the week. He called his doctor. His doctor said come on in. Clinton checked into the hospital Thursday, had a procedure (which is probably still considered miraculous in much of the world but commonplace in the U.S.) to place two stents in one of his coronary arteries. He went home the very next day.

Let’s contrast this with the medical situation of Danny Williams. Williams is the premier of Canada’s east coast province of Labrador and Newfoundland. Canada as we all know has a universal health care system. Williams just underwent heart surgery in the United States because the treatment he needed is not available in his home province, or possibly in all of Canada? (I mean, he talked this over with his doctors who evidently didn’t dissuade him from leaving Canada because he’s here, not there, having it done).

Meanwhile, back in Newfoundland the opposition Liberal Leader offered Williams her wishes for his full recovery. But she also says he owes the public (doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd when it comes to a person’s private medical decisions?) more of an explanation about exactly what procedure he needed and why he felt it necessary to go to the U.S.

Let’s see? Could it be the reason most people from other countries come to the U.S. for serious surgery? Maybe because it’s the best in the WORLD? Maybe because you don’t have to wait weeks or months and risk dying in the process.

A warm “Get well soon!” to both men recovering in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Oh! I just had a thought. Before subjecting Americans to Canadian style medical treatments (or lack thereof) let’s let House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, study the Canadian system the Democrats fawn over. She can even use her taxpayer-funded jet to fly to Canada for any and all medical procedures she needs. This would be an excellent way for her to experience, first hand, the benefits of the marvelous Canadian system. Canada is, after all, a lot closer to D.C. than her home state of California. Just think of the money it would save taxpayers. Pelosi would miss a lot of closed-door health care negotiations back in Washington while she sits in Canadian waiting rooms like the rest of the folks up there, but hey, that’s what Blackberries are for.

California Here We (taxpayers) Come?
February 13, 2010, 9:52 pm
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California, with the 8th largest economy IN THE WORLD, is bankrupt. Its budget is larger than Italy’s! So is California’s budget too big to fail? Are the American people going to be called on to cough up more money to bail out a state that has spent wildly and recklessly? It’s possible. California hosts three million illegal immigrants costing California taxpayers ten billion a year. Worse: its business climate. As Californian Claude Sandroff writes in American Thinker, “ California is in an exciting race to the bottom with other liberal bastions like New York and New Jersey to see who can best tax its citizens and businesses into oblivion.”  But count on Californians to come up with a way around a serious solution to the state’s financial problems. A California Assemblyman has lots of support for legalizing, then taxing marijuana for anyone over 21.  Are they stoned?

Bye-Bye Ballot Privacy?
February 13, 2010, 7:25 pm
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Aside from believing that labor unions have outlived their purpose in most companies and driven others into bankruptcy, living in a right-to-work state I never paid much attention to labor unions. But I am stunned that there is a bill in Congress, supported by the Democratic majority, to require card checks when workers vote on whether to unionize. What happened to the sacred private ballot? The evasively named “Free Choice Act” would be better characterized as the “No Choice Act”.

Heritage. org sums up just part of the extremely complicated, bureaucratic nightmare (yet another one) bill:

  • Under EFCA, workers have no say in union-organizing tactics: EFCA does not permit workers to sign cards that call for an election without also counting those signatures toward a card-check majority. Workers must decide whether to join a union publicly in front of union organizers.
  • In America, it’s just hard to get your head around the fact that any citizen would not have the right to a secret, private ballot. And the people who control whether you work or not know are watching and know how you voted. Am I having an outer body experience? Is this Cuba?

    Digging Out of Global Warming Debate
    February 10, 2010, 8:20 pm
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    Update! Washington, DC has had 55 inches of snow so far this winter, the most since the winter of 1888-89!


    Can you hear them? It’s the caterwauling of the environmental leftists now that word is out their president isn’t going to sign global climate change legislation in Copenhagen (please note the politically correct terminology.) It’s not global warming anymore since there hasn’t been any manmade global warming in ten years (if ever), the polar bear population is way up, no land masses are being flooded by melting glaciers and it was warmer in medieval times than it is now. Where were all those nasty factories back then? Any global warming (oops!) “climate change” treaty would create untold burdens on American businesses, which are infinitely less polluting than those of most other counties, and as President Obama himself asserted would result in skyrocketing energy bills for Americans.

    I live in the South. We’ve known about global warming forever; we just call it summer.

    Who’s Really Helping Haiti?
    January 18, 2010, 10:02 pm
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    Thousands of American troops are saving lives and keeping order in earthquake ravaged Haiti. President Obama announced 100 million American tax dollars will go to help the people in Haiti and that doesn’t include millions more Americans will donate with heartfelt generosity. Many countries are responding generously; tiny Israel immediately dispatched planeloads of aid, hundreds of search and rescue personnel and dozens of doctors. Israeli physicians are currently operating what is now the most modern medical field hospital in Haiti capable of treating 500 people a day; it even has an MRI machine. And Israeli volunteers have poured in from nearby countries.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describes the response as that of a “small country with a big heart.”

    And what’s the response from the most oil rich Arab countries? Kuwait, swimming in oil money sent a measly million. Qatar with some of the largest gas reserves in the world scraped together a 50 ton aid package.  Most responses from the Arab have been similarly meager and pathetic. But wait! Blow your mind rich Saudi Arabia was different: it sent (this will also blow your mind)  a letter of condolences.

    Mass. Defection=GOP Election
    January 18, 2010, 9:45 pm
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    OMG! I love saying so OMG; I’m still trying to digest the fact that the Massachusetts Senate race may go to Republican Scott Brown. OMG! Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the OMG stuff. But it fits, doesn’t it? Who would have thought after Ted Kennedy died having served as a U.S. Senator since 1962! 1962! that a seat held by one of the Kennedy dynasty for decade after decade after decade after decade might go to a Republican? Why in the world do voters allow anyone to stay in office that long only to become a political parasite feeding off the taxpayers? But I digress.

    If Scott Brown wins on January 19th in the Massachusetts Senate race it will be the biggest sign of hope yet that Americans are seeing the light and hopefully the downsizing of big government.  President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may have done more to turn the tide toward a more fiscally conservative government than Republicans have, no matter how hard the GOP tried to push back against the Democratic red tape and red ink. Newly energized, fed up Americans are getting it done.  Will wonders never cease? Not if common sense Americans have anything to say about it.