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Women Gone Wildly Conservative

No, that title is NOT an oxymoron. Wild (and by that I mean free-spirited, fun, curious and adventurous) women can be conservative. I know that will come as a shock to many but I, among many others, am your living, breathing proof: a man-loving, make-up wearing, former anchorwoman, motorcycle riding, one time Baptist, Jesus Freak, Methodist, Baha’i (even dabbled in Christian Science one time)  and currently free-spirited, soul journeying seeker. Where I’ll end up spiritually at this point, even I’ve kind of given up speculating. My Dad once told me I’d eventually end up Jewish and living on a Kibbutz. Hummm…

I’ve studied the Bible throughout my life and also read Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and believe in Divine Intelligence, God, Source, the Creator, whatever you like to call Him, Her or It. Beyond that, I’ve kind of thrown up my hands and consider it all a Great, Wonderful, Powerful Mystery. Like more and more Americans I gravitate toward considering myself spiritual but not religious.

I enjoy the fellowship of women who rejoice in their feminine “goddess” natures and I thrive on my prized friendships with women who read their Bible everyday and who can’t imagine a life without a personal relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I have hosted interfaith events at my house that included women Christians (from Quaker to Catholic to Evangelicals to Episcopalians) to Muslims and Hindus and Baha’is and to believers in the Native American Great Spirit. The skin of these women has varied from black to white to brown and bronze: all beautiful whether in their jeans, elegant saris or brilliantly colored African patterned head scarves.

If I describe my spiritual openness and curiousness liberals automatically assume that I must be one of them: spiritually enlightened, that is. Certainly, they reason (if you can call stereotyping reasonable) conservative women aren’t that open: “they” can only be closed-minded or Evangelical or unsophisticated or all of the former. The ones who do have successful careers are lucky enough to have married tolerant, indulging men who give them the permission or support to venture out of the house and follow their calling into a particular career. Liberals, who now want to be called Progressives because they know the vast majority of Americans are NOT liberal, have tossed Sarah Palin into the stereotypical conservative woman category  with a viciousness that’s hard to comprehend. We’ll set aside for a moment the fact that Sarah Palin became a Governor while Hillary Clinton was a Governor’s wife and without Bill, would we ever have heard of a Hillary Rodham in the political arena?

Liberals can try, but they simply cannot stereotype every conservative.  I’ve been pretty darned open-minded when it comes to religion (just don’t give me that politically correct pap about terrorist, Major Malik Nadal Hassan, and fellow practitioners of simply being disturbed and misunderstood. But let’s not jump to conclusions unless of course we’re Barack Obama who can jump to conclusions about the Cambridge police officers but not about Muslim extremists).

If I’ve been able to seek and knock and find what I want in a spiritual sense it’s precisely because I am an American and I also happen to be a proudly conservative one at that. No matter where my soul travels on the spiritual conveyor belt of life and religion (it’s a shame I have to add “as long as it is peaceful and law-abiding”; there was a time that went without saying) I recognize with unbridled gratitude that my ability and my freedom to do that are deeply grounded in Judeo-Christian values and ethics and in the Constitution of the most exceptional, religiously diverse nation on the planet.

We cannot overlook or forget that the footprints of women, Christian women, emaciated, exhausted, some nursing newborns, were among the first to step onto the soil of the New World at Plymouth Rock in the quest for freedom of religion.  I, we American women, who love this country and who are free to pursue our diverse spiritual paths, should never lose sight of the fact that those little footprints are the biggest we will ever attempt to step into and follow. The names of the very few who survived, who even made it across the ocean before perishing: Susanna, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Mary–are the reason we rejoice in the sisterhood of believers– believers in America, believers in her traditions, her freedoms, her Constitution, her flag and in our right to raise our voices and say “America, America, God shed His grace on thee.”

We all owe those Christian women and men our eternal gratitude. If those of us of whatever faith or spiritual persuasion do not recognize that contribution, shame on us.

We women have work to do. If liberals try to take this country from us look out: you might as well try coming between a lioness and her cubs. To borrow (okay, okay…and slightly adjust) the motto of the flag that inspired many a Revolutionary American and is being adopted again by groups fed up with big, intrusive government: “Honey, if you’ve got even a lick of sense don’t even think about treading on me!”

To give the treading, footstep analogy another twist, if you like hits from the 60’s you’ll remember Nancy Sinatra’s musical rant about a betrayed woman: “These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are going to walk all over you” and I might add, that’ll really hurt if they have spiked heels!

Listen up Washington, be careful who you betray (and where you step). A virtual army of women is mobilizing to save this country, to preserve its freedoms for our children and our children’s children.

There’s work to be done and we each have a role to play.

“Are you ready boots? Start walking!”